JARRAH Trees & Flower


JARRAH is the bloom of Eucalyptus Marginata Tree, which is a white blossom that is collected in clusters. Eucalyptus trees bloom once every two years, usually between December and January.

Eucalyptus trees grew more than 400 years ago in wild forests in Western Australia, which are slow-growing trees that can live up to 1,000 years.

These wild forests, among the world’s most virgin forests, have unique ecosystems free from polluting materials such as pesticides fertilizers and other contaminants, often found in other environments so that we can obtain the organically produced JARRAH honey from nectar with low moisture content.

Our Bees Pure and Gentle

Our active honey begins its journey on Rottnest Island, a protected nature reserve in the Southern Indian Ocean free from exotic diseases and undesirable pests. Here, our pure Queen Bees are bred in a government bee hatchery. Our bee colonies then use the nectar from the forest blossoms to make natural, unprocessed, pure bio- active honey. We care about our bees and because of their gentle nature they are less likely to sting; this means our apiaries use less smoke when harvesting honey.