Our passion is to source the best honey products from the worlds leading organic producers and sharing these with consumers across our network of over 20 countries.


Our region network extends from the United Arab Emirates over twenty-two countries.

Who we ARE

We are an Emirati company that has been established here in the United Arab Emirates as a honey distributor under the name of Jarrah Foodstuff Trading.

Jarrah’s management and delivery team have over 15 years of experience in providing locally produced honey products to the UAE. With local production unable to meet the growing demand we searched globally for the world best honey producers.

This journey took us to the far reaches of Western Australia. Here we discover the world’s best honey products produced in temperate climates from the JARRAH trees unique to the origin.

We are exclusive partner with Karibee, Karibee Honey is a premium honey brand owned and produced by Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd (ANB) in Western Australia. Since its in­ception in 1960 as a small family business, ANB has grown into a company with expanded product ranges and services. The business operates from a base located on approximately 500 acres of virgin Banksia woodland surrounded by the Moore River National Park, 150km north of Perth, in the Central West region of Western Australia.

Centennial experience of beekeeping has resulted in the high quality of our honey. Marking it as the ultimate natural premium Western Australian honey.

WA’s clean environment has benefited in the quality of Karibee’s honey, the unique native vegetation types has helped in producing of the top quality honey – Jarrah honey.

The outcome is that we can deliver the worlds best honey products across our network of over 20 countries. Enabling consumers to enjoy the taste and medicinal products that only Jarrah honey can provide.